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How ANYMARKET projects its expansion in Latin American Countries

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Companies of all sizes are looking for more and more international markets to expand their operations and join this trend of globalization that can bring great benefits to their companies. 

 As stated in the “Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship Survey”, 95% of respondents think of expanding their business internationally. Of these, 67% want to do it in the short term. 

This is how ANYMARKET decided to start the LATAM expansion project for 2019. Being a benchmark as the most complete integration hub in the Brazilian market, it was obvious that the next step would be to reach other markets outside the country. 

The current situation in Latin America 

BLOG ANYMARKET - Growth in E-commerce sales in Billions of USD

Although other countries in Latin America do not have a level of development that is comparable to Brazil in terms of marketplaces and e-commerce, it is undeniable that it is a market that is beginning to have significant growth. According to an article by the company BlackSip in conjunction with Statista, it is expected that by 2019 the total purchases of electronic commerce in this region will reach USD $ 79.7 billion. 

In ANYMARKET we are focused on 4 of the fastest growing countries in terms of e-commerce. As you can see in the previous image, these countries are Argentina, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia.  

Currently, according to a Geodis report obtained in BlackSip, an average of nine transactions per user per year is made in Latin America, for a total value of approximately USD $ 300. 

 This figure continues to grow thanks to the constant growth of users who buy online and the promotion of purchase security (a reason that prevents many people from buying online, according to a study carried out by the staff of ANYMARKET LATAM). 

It is also important to highlight that among the products that were most purchased in Latin America during 2017 were the following: 

  • Fashion / Clothing USD $ 17 billion 
  • Electronic USD $ 14 billion 
  • Toys USD $ 10 billion 

BLOG ANYMARKET- Most used marketplaces in Latin America

Highlight to the most used marketplaces of each of these countries mentioned above. 

Update of our Project 

Starting this year in ANYMARKET, we want to reach new frontiers! 

 We have qualified and qualified personnel to respond to the different needs of international markets. 

 Our goal with this project is to offer our services to the different companies that sell in marketplaces and require assistance in the management of their operations. 

As first steps we need to identify the main markets which we can reach and analyze the viability of each one of these to begin the development in each country. 

Once identified, we begin the search for marketplaces and strategic partners to generate strong alliances that demonstrate to our clients that we have the best options for them. 

 An example of this is our alliance with Mercado Libre Argentina, with which we have already begun our approval process to free up integration and thus start offering ANYMARKET in this country. 

At this time our staff is conducting business visits to various entities and large companies in the selected countries to achieve the launch of this important project for ANYMARKET, which will create countless amounts of benefits for all parties. 

About the author

Bryan Martinez is responsible for the LATAM expansion project.

Also responsible for finding new leads, market research, and bringing innovation techniques to ANYMARKET.

Graduated in International Business Administration at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana UPB in Bucaramanga – Colombia

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